We live in sustainability! That’s the leitmotif of our corporate philosophy. The proof is in our many certificates and awards, which attest to our high quality and sustainability standards and motivate us to develop continuously and improve our products and processes.


A label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal.

Cradle to Cradle®

A design that includes a detailed evaluation key to assess the materials used, their recyclability, use of energy and water and the social impact of product cycles and methods of production. We were the first company in the cleaning industry in Europe to receive the award “Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Gold” for our Frosch Citrus Shower & Bath Cleaner.


EMAS stands for Eco-Management Audit Scheme of the European Union, currently the most demanding environmental management system in the world. What’s special about EMAS is that the high environmental standards are continuously developed and checked for compliance with stringent EU criteria by independent environmental auditors.

Most Trusted Brands

In 2016 for the 15th consecutive time, the readers of “Reader’s Digest magazine” have chosen frosch brand as the most trusted brand among cleaning products in Germany.

German Sustainability Award

Werner & Mertz received the respected German Sustainability Award in the main category “Germany’s most sustainable brand” for its Frosch brand in 2009.

Green Brands

An independent and international brand-marketing organization. It honors “green” brands of everyday life and their manufacturers for environmentally friendly production. Our Frosch brand was one of the first in Germany and Austria to earn the GREEN BRANDS SEAL a second time.

Recyclate Initiative

In 2012 Werner & Mertz founded the initiative as an Open Innovation project with the goal of using packaging waste from the Yellow Bag as material for the production of new plastic packaging.

German Packaging Award

In November 2014 Werner & Mertz accepted the German Packaging Award 2014 for the best sales packaging in the category Detergents, Cleaning Agents and Cleansers. Also in 2016, Werner & Mertz received not only the German Packaging Award in the Sustainability category, but also Gold prize.


The German Environmental Management Association or B.A.U.M. commits itself to integrated environmental and sustainable management in the company

ISO 9001

Requirements for quality management are laid down in eight principles. In order to receive certification, a quality management system has to comply with a recognized standard.

ISO 14001

The international environmental management standard ISO 14001 defines globally recognized requirements for an environmental management system.

ISO 50001

The energy management system offers the required conditions for continuous improvement of a company’s en­ergy­ related performance. With use of the system, a company can increase its energy efficiency and optimize its energy use.


Leadership in Environmental & Energy Design (LEED) is a classification system for high­ quality ecological buildings. The certificate was developed by the non­profit organization U.S. Green Building Council in the USA.


(German Society for the Preservation of Nature) is involved in the project “Frosch protects frogs” in the Rhine flood­ plain and the reactivation of the moor in the Eifel and in the Hochwald.


World Wide Fund for Nature is one of the largest international nature conservation and environmental protection organizations. Werner & Mertz works with the organization in Austria.