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As a parent, you want to do everything right, so you think twice about what you buy. Because the baby’s skin is highly sensitive, it needs special protection while it is developing. We had exactly that in mind when we developed our Frosch Baby products. The hypoallergenic cleaning and laundry care products do without dyes and preservatives. The very good skin compatibility has been dermatologically confirmed

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  • X1 Baby detergent: - formula with natural camomile extracts - hypoallergenic: without dyes or preservatives. The carefully selected fragrances reduce the risk of skin irritation - for colors and whites - cleaning strength at 30° - 95° C and makes 21 loads of laundry - The very good skin compatibility has been confirmed by dermatological tests
  • X1 Baby fabric softener: - Formula with nourishing chamomile and added provitamin B5 for soft and cuddly baby clothes - hypoallergenic: no dyes, mild fragrance. - suitable for people with allergies - Vegan - The very good skin compatibility has been confirmed by dermatological tests.
  • X1: baby liquid cleaner: Baby-soft cleaning of baby products like dummies, milk bottles, pacifiers, eating utensils, washable toys, fruits & vegetables. The gentle formula with skin-protected pro-vitamin B5 protects the skin from drying out. removes milk and food remnants Dermatologically tested & is hypoallergenic: free from dyes and fragrances Residue-free: Appropriate even for products babies might put into their mouth.

Product information


    • Plant-based ingredients of european cultivation with high and fast biodegradability.
    • Chemicals free; free of phosphates, borates, formaldehyde, EDTA and halogenated organic compounds.
    • Free of microplastics.
    • Vegan, free from animal derived ingredients.
    • Dermatologically tested.

    • Minimized use of packaging materials and pioneering approach using recycled and recyclable materials to reduce the burden on the environment.
    • Most of our Frosch bottles are made of up to 100% used plastic.
    • Disposal: at local recycling center.

    • Company owned water treatment plant to ensure top-level hygienics of our products .
    • Water leaves the site as clean as it has been taken before its usage.

    • Our Headquarters in Germany gets 100% of its energy from renewable energy & is LEED certified.
    • Energy-conscious manufacturing with active energy management certificates such as EMAS, ISO 50001 and A.I.S.E.
    • EMAS Certified:currently the most demanding environmental management system in the world.



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